Annabelle Cosmetics


Canadian beauty brand Annabelle Cosmetics seeks to amplify the message behind their EDGE campaign by enlisting three entrepreneurial women to share what gives them their edge.

Client: Annabelle
Services: Storytelling

What’s Your Edge?

For the launch of their EDGE collection Annabelle Cosmetics set out to create a campaign around the question “What’s your edge?” I answered by bringing the brand into the creative process for my Sororum capsule collection as well as sharing my creative journey and growth as a woman in way that would inspire, uplift, and empower their consumer community of young women.

Girl Power

For the launch, the brand published the compilation video below featuring myself and two other women conveying the campaign’s message. The brand selected me for the opening and closing of the video as well as to deliver the tagline. Throughout its course, the video relies heavily on my voice to communicate their vision of empowerment and confidence.
“I think the thing people underestimate about me most is my tenacity. When I’m passionate about something I’m very tunnel vision. I’ll try my best, I’ll persevere, I’ll push through. If I fail, I’ll come back. If the door is closed, I will come through the window. “
–Me for Annabelle Cosmetics

Watch my full length campaign video below:

“The woman that I am today has mostly been shaped by my childhood and adolescent experiences. I really want to be the person that my younger self would be proud to have become.”
–Me for Annabelle Cosmetics