What do you call a creative spirit whose work spans various mediums?

No, but really…

Creative director? Digital content creator? Visual storyteller? While these are all hats I wear, none of them on their own seem to fully encapsulate the breadth of my work.

Born in the West African capital city of Monrovia, Liberia, I grew up in the United States (Detroit, Michigan to be exact) and immigrated to Toronto, Canada where I am now based. Fashion has always been a lifelong love of mine and I have held various roles in the industry.

As a junior booker at a leading artist agency I helped manage the work and schedules of some of Canada’s most sought after talent in hair, makeup, styling, manicure, and more. As a stylist I worked with household names like Rihanna and Nike while on the other side of the camera I also modeled for top brands like Uniqlo and Nordstrom. I ran my blog Love Mirian from 2015 – 2019 as a creative expression of my work as a stylist, model, writer, and photographer. I now spend most of my time honing my skills in creative direction and content creation, weaving together my experiences as a multi-hyphenate.

I love music, vibrant colors, and whatever sweet or savory snacks I can get my hands on. In my spare time I love dancing to afrobeats, sewing, baking, or making DIY beauty products.

Creative Philosophy

While the shape that my work takes is vast, there are certain pillars that will always define my creative process.

Whether I’m lending my unique voice and experiences to a brand’s campaign or executing a creative project, I am driven by central themes that always inform my work. With a keen eye and and thoughtful approach, I aim to employ a considered use of elements and principles of design.


As a lifelong writer, storytelling is often at the heart of my work. How can I convey my message? Explain my vision? Inspire an audience to go on a journey with me?


I strive to include an uplifting spirit in my work, whether outwardly or indirectly championing self love, self care, confidence, and the art of slaying.


We’re all unique and that’s something to be celebrated. Diversity and representation imbue my work whether I’m exploring what makes me special or amplifying the beauty in others.


I love all things digital and new media. TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, you name it. Everyone is one the internet and I like to go where the people are.


Canada's Best Dressed
1 of 10 individuals selected for the honor of being featured in Globe and Mail's annual Canada's Best Dressed List. Available in print and digital.
Toronto's Most Stylish
1 of 17 individuals selected for the honor of being featured in Toronto Life's annual Style Book. Available in print and digital.
New Gen List - Digital Fashion Creator
1 of 25 individuals recognized by the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards in their inaugural New Gen List "created to honour the innovation and brilliance of Canada’s inspiring, emerging trailblazers across multiple creative disciplines from around the country". Notably the only digital fashion creator selected.