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On October 1st I officially launched this blog and began promoting it. Up until then I had soft launched about a month prior and was slowly and quietly building up content, making little tweaks, and getting a feel for what type of posts you guys want to see. The feedback I got in that time was awesome and second only to all the feedback I’ve gotten in the following days since the official launch. I’ve had so many people explore the site and tell me what they thought. It only fuels me and inspires me to do more! I can’t wait to show you guys everything me and my favorite assistant have planned in the next coming weeks so whether you’ve been around for a while or just discovering Love, Mirian now, thanks for joining me and please stick around because I’m always brainstorming new ways to outdo myself and have fun with fashion.

I took these self portraits a little bit ago when I was just getting over a cold and feeling a bit under the weather. When I’m sick I literally can’t do anything and my beau comes over and takes care of me. It was all about soup, popsicles, and TV. What do you guys do when you’re sick? Feel free to let me know your tips on how you get yourself feeling better as I’m sure I’ll be sick again later this winter and they’ll come in handy LOL. And if you have more feedback on the blog, comment below! Now that I’m better I’m already working on the next posts but for this one I’m just kickin’ it in Kenzo 🙂

kenzo2 kenzo3


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