Three Floor has your #OOTNs Covered

I had the pleasure of test-driving three party dresses by emerging UK label Three Floor. Here’s how I found they each stacked up, from the one that made me feel like I was on an episode of Say Yes to the Dress to the one that just couldn’t make the grade. Get ready for exposed zippers, pleats, mesh, and more cut-outs than one could ever dream to ask for. 

The ‘Accordion’ Dress

3floor-accordian-001 3floor-accordian-005

 When I was 13 I started learning to sew and designing my own clothes. At the time I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer.  I would spend a lot of time sketching ideas with interesting cut-outs, straps and shapes that were unlike the clothes I saw in stores. Over the years as I got older I let go of those fashion design dreams when I started to lose interest in garment construction and other career paths in the fashion industry began piquing my fascination.

The thing that struck me most about discovering emerging London-based label Three Floor was that when I saw their pieces, I immediately remembered my days exploring the world of fashion design and thought about how if I had chosen to start a line, my creations would look just like theirs. It’s like Three Floor’s designers have read my mind. Our style aesthetics are so in sync it’s uncanny. Trying on their “Accordion” dress was like being on Say Yes to The Dress and finally finding that perfect one. I felt like Cinderella. It felt like how fashion is supposed to make you feel.

The ‘Final Touch’ Dress

3floor-final-touch-001 3floor-final-touch-003
I previewed this dress on my Instagram about a week ago as it was the first of the Three Floor dresses I tried on. My favorite part about it is the little triangle cut-out detail on the side at the hemline. I love this brand’s attention to detail and ability to consider all the little things that go into making a dress fun and unique. I didn’t have as much fun playing in it as the Accordion dress really did monopolize my time during the photo session but this one has a strong, graphic, sexy design that I truly did enjoy.

The ‘Iman’ Dress

3floor-iman-001 3floor-iman-002

The Iman dress was my introduction to Three Floor. It was the first of the three dresses I instantly noticed because of its bright colors and bold design. About a week or so later I was still thinking about it so I went back to where I had seen it and then discovered the Final Touch and Accordion dresses too.  On its own, or even compared to other dresses from other labels, it’s a great piece. But when compared to other Three Floor dresses it falls a bit short of the high bar the line sets.

I really wanted to love it but I just couldn’t when I actually stopped and thought about it critically. From a front standing view it looks great. The trouble comes when you move around in it. I guess because of all the different panels all joined together,  somehow it just doesn’t move as smoothly on the body as I would have hoped it would when the wearer is in motion. You can see what I mean in the second, side picture. The slit puckers a bit and doesn’t lay flat while the mesh paneling doesn’t quite lay flat either. Gorgeous design, but of the three it was my least favorite.

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