Taking On K-Fashion with Korean Streetwear Brand KYE

The last time I explored Asian fashion was maybe about 10 years ago. My love for anime and J-pop poured over into a fascination with fashion hubs like the Harajuku district in Tokyo. These days it’s places like Seoul, South Korea that have caught my attention for their youthful, modern styles.

Harajuku Girl

I was reading FRUiTS before Gwen Stefani made it cool to be kawaii. Mainly because I was a “weird” kid taken with Japan’s Gyaru and Lolita styles. I loved the colors and originality. I was exploring my own unique style and there was something really captivating about the people who partook in these subcultures. But over time I grew out of the Victorian ruffles and neon garb that were staples of these groups.

Love at First Sight

Then one day I was strolling through a store and saw a sign celebrating K-Fashion in Toronto. I know nothing about Korean fashion but I saw a few interesting pieces on display and headed closer to get a better look.

“Kylie Jenner loves this brand,” the sales girl said to me. I smiled politely, thinking to myself about how I wasn’t of the audience that would by anything based on that recommendation. I was holding a soft, cobalt blue sweatshirt that cinched at the waist with an ornate, built in corset.  I looked at the tag. The name of the brand was spelled out by illustrated hands that formed the shape of letters. K-Y-E.

I tried it on along with another piece but the sweatshirt was the standout piece, I had to get it.

Discovering this brand has reignited my curiosity in Asian fashion and I am ready and open to learn.




Sweatshirt by KYE
Shorts by H&M
Boots by Public Desire
Choker by Aldo
Earrings by Thomas Sabo
Bracelets by Forever 21

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