Summer In Toronto

Summer in Toronto has been a little anti-climactic. An extended spring seems to have never quite given way to summer, even long after the summer solstice has passed. Things haven’t felt as bustling as they have in the past. And me? I’ve been locked away in my own world crafting something special.

A Quiet Summer

Since I came back from Nigeria in January, I’ve been tinkering with an idea. It started off small, gradually and organically grew in the springtime, and in summer it went into overdrive. Instead of pool parties during the day and clubs at night like a lot of my peers are up to, I went inward this season.

During this time I’ve been listening to music a lot (though when am I not?) and I have been struck by certain lyrics that have stuck out to me. In “Spaceship“, Kanye talks about locking himself away in his rooms producing five beats a day for three summers straight, a beat-making bootcamp if you will.

I’ve been feeling that same isolation and dedication lately. I’ve been pushing myself to my limits to ensure a fall debut for my latest project. While I’m pretty tight-lipped about it right now, I just wanted to make this post to share that I haven’t forgotten about this blog or the rest of my platforms. I actually encourage anyone reading this to keep watch on this space because in the next few weeks, all will be revealed.

While I’ve largely been a hermit this summer, an old friend from Detroit came by Toronto a few weeks back and I was pleased to catch up with her. She’s a photographer named Alexis Cole. She let me know she was coming and asked if we could do a shoot together. I knew just the right place. I brought her to Toronto’s Harbourfront, a nice little oasis on the edge of the city, and we shot these beautiful images here.



Dress and corset by Zara

Heels by Karl Lagerfeld


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