Summer Forever

Summer’s not over just yet! At least not over here. As the days have been getting cooler and shorter I’ve been feeling myself getting nostalgic for the summer that just slipped away. What better time than now to put out my series of shots in a throwback Wrangler two piece set? It’s 90’s feel good vibes to relive summer ’16 one more time…


Shot on location, the beauty of nature was everywhere. My partner and I trekked out to this sprawling park that neither one of us were very familiar with. Out of the city for a more remote feel. The loud rustling of water and the songs of birds.

I knew I wanted something that felt like another world. A getaway. A fantasy. Colors, textures, and visuals that would feel like an adventure.

This is actually part one of a three part set we shot out in this picturesque locale. All three looks revolve around 90’s nostalgia. Old brands or styles that were cool and are now cool again. Sporty, youthful shapes and colorways. Starting with Wrangler.

This Wrangler set reminds me of those old gym uniforms high school kids used to wear during PE classes. Being in it makes me want to lace my sneakers up tight and run on a track along a football field. The smell of freshly cut grass. The familiar sound of friends muffled in the background.

What do your clothes make you feel like? Do they encourage different moods in you? Do they remind you of different memories or feelings? Where do they transport you to? That’s the magic of fashion that I love.

As the summer winds down I’m filled with a tinge of sadness. Why can’t summer last forever?



wrangler-001 wrangler-003 wrangler-004 wrangler-006 wrangler-005 wrangler-008 wrangler-009

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