Shot by William Ukoh

I came across photographer William Ukoh (AKA Willyverse) on Instagram a while ago and loved his style so I reached out to him expressing an interest in wanting to work with him. I usually photograph myself so I tend to be very critical of myself on camera and shy to other photographers’ lenses but after a bit I loosened up and we had a fun time.

This was the last (and my favorite) of the three looks we shot. He mentioned he admired Inez and Vinoodh for the movement and energy they capture in their images so I tried to make sure I gave him a lot of that for these shots. We ended with him telling me I should hold tutorials for stiff fashion models teaching them movement LOL. What do you guys think? I did alright? 🙂


I styled myself in Selected Femme (jacket), Helmut Lang (shirt), Valentino (pants), and Steve Madden (heels).

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