Seeing Things Differently: New Views on Wearing Fashion

In terms of personal style, one of the most limiting things you can do is simply wear fashion items as they are originally intended to be worn. Huh? Did I just tell you to wear a skirt across your torso like a tube top? Yeah, sure, if it looks good.

When I was younger I used to be obsessed with t-shirt reconstruction. It’s all about taking plain, regular tees and transforming them into cool dresses, leggings, and everything else you can image. Back then I used to frequent a blogging platform called LiveJournal and there were tons of communities on the topic that I read daily.

That helped me to see that garments are really just pieces of fabric that you can use as you wish. The way it is while hanging in your closet right now doesn’t have to be its final form. And just because an item is made to be worn one way doesn’t mean that has to be the only way.

As I got into styling I was again encouraged to think outside of the box. A respected stylist I worked with once told me a story about how she had just come back from a long, tiring trip abroad and was asked to style a photoshoot as soon as she returned. “I’ll do it,” she told the photographer, “but I’m only bringing what’s in my trunk right now”. He agreed, trusting her judgment, and she styled the shoot from the few fashion and non-fashion items in the trunk of her car at that time. Another shoot she styled using found objects made its way into popular London publication, Schön! Magazine.

All those things stirred in my head as I strolled through Topshop one day. I came across a cream shirt that caught my eye. At the front it was solid cream with some black fabric detailing at the shoulders. The back, however, is what really caught my eye. In the back two pieces of fabric, one cream and one olive, overlapped each other in a wrap style that formed an interesting colorblocking effect and left a triangle opening at the bottom.

I got it and wore it backwards and I think you should do the same with your clothes. Wear them backwards, inside out, tear them up, patch them together. Do not use as directed.

Said shirt appears in this outfit series and I hope you guys like it as much as I do. I was playing with natural light and shadows and really loved the final outcome. Bright yet moody, just my style. Shot in a random stairwell, this is yet another example of how you can make magic using just your resources.



Shirt by Topshop (worn backwards)
Skirt by H&M

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