Sayonara, Summer!

It’s been raining for about two days straight here in Toronto. The wind is getting cooler and I wore my Timbs for the first time since winter yesterday. Everyone around me is getting that requisite cold you get when the seasons start changing. It’s safe to say summer has breathed its last breath and fall is here. Realizing that cold temperatures are coming saddens me a bit as I love the warmer months and winters here are so brutal so I thought now would be the perfect time to daydream a little and post my last summer-themed outfit set.

Shot on one of Toronto’s several beaches tucked downtown, this set features one of my favorite pieces I own, my vintage Gianni Versace silk blouse. Back when I was more of a thrifter and vintage junkie, I was digging through mountains of clothes at a one-off boutique nestled deep in Toronto’s eclectic and bohemian paradise of a neighborhood, Kensington Market. I couldn’t believe my eyes! What a find! And even better, I was able to negotiate the price to really make it a deal.

I love this shirt so much I rarely wear it. It usually just hangs carefully ensconced in my closet where I quietly admire it from afar. This day, however, I felt was the right time to bring it out. Paired with cream Forever 21 shorts, this outfit was light, airy, and bright, my perfect homage to a summer well spent.


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