We Rode A Helicopter Around Downtown Toronto!

After living here for a few years I’ve seen Toronto from cozy King East to hip West Queen West, classy Yorkville to the buzzing Entertainment District. But I’d never seen Toronto from up above…until now.


Birthday Wishes

Every now and then I mention my partner in crime. I don’t talk about him too much because he’s not the kind of guy that like the spotlight on him but recently it was his birthday and I really wanted to celebrate him in a big way.

After surprising him at work to go to lunch and an intimate dinner party with our close friends, I had one more trick up my sleeve.  Yesterday, just before we left to get on our way, I began to unveil his surprise. “We’re going to Billy Bishop Airport,” I told him as we began making our way.

Up, Up, and Away

After a quick trip, we found ourselves in the offices of Toronto HeliTours, a service that offers helicopter rides around the city. From high in the clouds you can take in the Toronto skyline and get an amazing View of the CN Tower like you’ve never seen it before. Knowing his love for planes and flying, this was naturally a gift I knew he’d love.

After signing some paperwork and getting weighed, we watched a safety video and waited to be called. Soon it was our turn and they quickly lead us outside to where our ride waited. We took a few pictures outside the helicopter and then hopped in.

I instantly felt an adrenaline rush as they strapped us in, gave us our noise – cancelling headset, and closed the door. Next thing we knew we were in the sky.

Views From the 6

Blessed with a clear, sunny sky, we took in some amazing views of the downtown core in addition to flying around the CN Tower so we each had a great view. We both laughed and took so many pictures. The only sad part was we wished we could stay in the sky longer.

“How was the ride?” asked a HeliTour worker as we hopped out of the helicopter. “I could do that all day,” he said.

Check out the pics and videos below to see what we saw on our trip in the clouds.



helitour-003 helitour-004


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