Wet N Wild Beauty

Art Direction

A trio of glistening highlighter and blush duos from Wet N Wild’s Hello Halo collection are photographed for use in digital marketing and on social channels

Client: Wet N Wild Beauty
Services: Art Direction, Digital Photography, Storytelling

Hello Halo

A blush and highlighter duo that instantly sculpts, defines, and highlights in one sweep. These soft, buildable shades contain ultra-reflective, micro-fine pearl pigments that create a luminous, radiant glow and blend to a perfect finish.

I sought to capture the spirit of the collection when telling the story of these luminous products through a series of spec work digital content intended for use in website banners, headers, email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and on visual platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. The key messaging I chose to emphasize was the product’s high shine characteristics. I amplified the theme using prismatic and reflective visual techniques to create impactful, inspiring imagery.

Art Direction

I translated the product's key messaging into effective visual communications materials emphasizing its differentiating attributes in a compelling way. I ideated the concept and guided it through each phase of production driven by this consistent narrative and tone.

Digital Photography

Using various lighting, photographic, and post-production techniques I accentuated the product's high shine capabilities through prisming, refraction, reflection, and kaleidoscopic elements.


Visual storytelling was crucial to this project. Communicating the product attributes and conveying them in an exciting way was central to not only showcasing the product in the best light possible but inspiring consumers to action.