Urban Development

Creative Direction

High Visibility, High Style

Services: Creative Direction, Fashion Styling, Modeling

Werk It

This 6-page editorial features pieces by GCDS, T by Alexander Wang, Nike, Aritzia and more. Brought together by the unifying theme of the high visibility clothing often worn by general contractors, it is set in the constantly changing urban landscape of downtown Toronto and it’s seemingly unending construction boom.

What initially started out on a whim evolved into a 6-page fashion editorial centered around one of my favorite streetwear trends: high visibility clothing.  Part of the excitement of creating this fashion editorial was the temporary nature of the locations we chose to shoot in, some of which were completely dismantled prior to the completion of the project. Shot on various construction sites all within the small radius of a few city blocks, the editorial seeks to redefine workwear in an exploration of art imitating life.

Creative Direction

I did various aspects of the production such as concept ideation and development, location scouting, and retouching to create the final project.

Fashion Styling

Clothing was an essential part of this project and I managed all wardrobe to tell a rich visual story from beginning to end.


Carefree, confident, bold, or brazen. Each look had a different style and I personified them all as the project's muse.