Sororum Capsule Collection


African and Western hemisphere sensibilities meet in a fashion capsule collection founded on the concept of globally curated style

Services: Branding, Creative Directon, Digital Photography, Fashion Design

A Sisterhood of Style

Meaning “sisters” in Latin, Sororum is the title of this capsule collection founded on the mission of unifying women from various backgrounds through a sisterhood based on shared vision, style, and ethos. It debuted as a collection of womenswear pieces, jewelry, and handbags directly sourced from the markets of Morocco and Liberia.

Born out of a desire to share the beautiful fashion and culture I’ve experienced on my trips home to Liberia and Nigeria, I wanted to create a capsule collection that would show the love and pride I have for my African background while positioning it in a way that would appeal to a fashion-conscious, Western demographic. For approximately two years I developed the branding, designed and sourced pieces for the collection, created and marketed promotional materials, and secured press placements.


A major pillar of the branding was the desire to tell rich visual and written stories that would transport the audience directly into the collection's world. I achieved this by creating aesthetic continuity across content and regularly infusing my personal connection to the collection's mission.

Creative Direction

As the creative lead for the collection, I did complete ideation from conception through to the final stages of execution. I managed all creative aspects across various mediums to ensure a cohesive, comprehensive brand experience.

Digital Photography

To create visual unity I executed or oversaw all photography for the collection such as the creation of product and lifestyle imagery. This included image capturing, selection, and retouching.

Fashion Design

To bring the womenswear pieces to life I personally developed and sketched all designs, did the majority of all pattern drafting and did all garment construction.

Womenswear Creative Process

To begin the design planning for the womenswear pieces I gathered various visual inspirations and combined them to create a series of design elements and principles that would guide and unify the collection. Ruffles, gathers, and pleats were the largest design elements used in repetition to create a capsule collection that was airy, feminine, romantic, and bohemian. Heavily influenced by author Julia Chaplin’s concept of “gypset”, I designed sketches and mock ups like the ones below which would eventually be distilled down to five final garments.



adjective: gypset
  1. a term combining the words gypsy + jet set. Coined by author Julia Chalpin, it describes “an international group of artists, entreprenuers, surfers, and bon vivants– who lead semi-nomadic, unconventional lives…a high-low approach to life that fuses the freelance and nomadic wile of a gypsy with the sophistication and global references of the jet set.”

Final Womenswear Pieces

The following product photography shows the garment samples which comprised the womenswear pieces. They are the Ellen dress, The Leymah crop top and pleated shorts set, and the Ruth off-the-shoulder top and wrap skirt set. As with all pieces in the collection, these garments were given feminine names specific to the culture they referenced.

These garments are the namesakes of:

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – Nobel Peace Prize recipient, former Liberian president, first elected female head of state in Africa

Leymah Gbowee – Nobel Peace Prize recipient and Liberian peace activist

Ruth Perry – Liberian politician most known for being the first female head of state of Liberia and of contemporary Africa as a whole having served as an interim president

Womenswear Lifestyle Imagery

The majority of the lifestyle photography for the clothing was shot on location in and around Marrakesh, Morocco. The imagery was meant to not only showcase the pieces but to evoke a whimsical, romantic spirit of travel, adventure, and worldliness in viewers.

Fashion Film

To celebrate the launch of the collection I creative directed the fashion film below as a way to show the womenswear pieces in motion and further highlight its release. Themes of the film included a celebration of womanhood, sisterhood and African style as well as continuing the carefree, exuberant feeling the collection embodies. This film was featured on Paper Magazine where I discussed my inspiration and creative process.

Jewelry and Accessories

All jewelry and accessories were handmade and sourced directly from artisans and sellers in Marrakesh, Morocco and Monrovia, Liberia. Pieces include the suede Fatima purse hand-dyed using natural coloring in Marrakesh and the leather Edwina purse made by a local tannery in Monrovia.

Logo and Stationery Design

A logo and product packaging were designed to continue the development of the branding. Fanciful, winding script typography was chosen to illustrate the collection’s identity in logo form. This same style was carried over into the creation of a die-cut hang tag precisely the same shape as the logo. Additionally, postcards from Liberia and Morocco were designed to accompany the products that originated from the respective locations, continuing and deepening the collection’s story.


The collection garnered various appearances in print and digital press. I wore the Samira cuff in a feature for an issue of The Kit Compact and the Leymah pleated shorts in a feature for an issue of Globe Style Advisor by Globe and Mail.

The Samira cuff in The Kit Compact, Holiday 2017

The Leymah pleated shorts in Globe Style Advisor, Globe and Mail, March 24th, 2018