American luxury department chain Nordstrom launches its first nation-wide campaign in Canada and recruits 13 unique Canadians to help spread the message.

Client: Nordstrom
Services: Storytelling, Modeling

True Nord

Four years after launching in Canada, with a few locations firmly in their respective markets, Nordstrom set out to launch their first national campaign. This Canada-wide campaign would run from YYZ (Toronto) to YYC (Vancouver) and everywhere in between.

Titled “True Nord“, the name is a play on words combining “True North”, a phrase from the Canadian national anthem and the word nord meaning “north” in French, to incorporate the second national language of Canada. I was one of 13 individuals Nordstrom chose to help tell the story of Canada’s beauty and diversity. The inclusive casting features a range of different ages, races, sizes, and cultures to tell their story. It includes a child, a mature woman, a Sihk man, a plus size woman, and a lesbian couple together with a variety of straight size fashion models. The campaign was shot in and around Toronto. It appeared in digital ads, billboards, transit shelters, social media, and


By sharing my personal story with Nordstrom, it allowed the brand to add depth and character to the campaign, showing real people and their lives.


Nordstrom leveraged my unique looks to help show the diversity and inclusivity of Canadian culture.

My Canadian Experience

In addition to the still images, I was also interviewed by Nordstrom to help tell a richer, deeper story about what it means to be Canadian. In this profile which was featured on their web site and referenced on social media, we discussed my work as a blogger and stylist, my personal style, and some of my favorite style icons.

In the News

Upon its launch, the campaign generated considerable buzz and praise online. It has been covered by Fashion Magazine, Canadian Living, Strategy, and Business Insider among many more.