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Creative Direction

An ode to spring beauty à la Childish Gambino

Client: Lucy's Magazine
Services: Creative Direction, Fashion Styling, Modeling

Rebirth & Divinity

This spring-inspired beauty editorial focuses on two main themes: the first being the concept of rebirth and renewal which the season of spring often symbolizes and the second being the concept of divinity and the creation of a central character representing strength and royalty.

I employed the use of butterflies as a metaphor for transformation, rebirth, and renewal. As the catepillar undergoes metamorphosis to become a butterfly, so do winter icicles give way to spring blooms. I sought to convey a central figure that was strong, regal, and goddess-like through the use of opulent gold jewelry yet also soft and feminine through my hair-styling choice of flowing curls. I completed the story by adapting the title of Childish Gambino’s third studio album “Awaken, My Love!” for the title of the editorial. A call to the Earth to awaken from a dormant winter slumber and for the power and beauty that lies within all of us to elevate us to our fullest potential.

Creative Direction

I developed the concept for this editorial carrying it through the various stages of ideation to completion.

Fashion Styling

I sourced all wardrobe and props for this beauty editorial to enhance its visual storytelling through jewelry and accessories.


Part goddess, part Black Panther, I relied on these characters as inspiration in my posing.

The Creative Process

In the early stages of project development I created this moodboard to act as visual reference of the final product I hoped to achieve. You can draw several parallels between this reference work and the resulting editorial while also seeing the unique creative exploration I took to create this original, finished work.

Awaken my Love Moodboard

Lucy’s Magazine

This beauty editorial was published by Lucy’s Magazine. As a web exclusive, it lives on

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