Love, Mirian


A selection of fashion and lifestyle editorial content samples written and produced by me for my long standing blog Love, Mirian (2015-2019). Full blog can now be found at

Services: Copywriting, Storytelling, Production

About Love, Mirian

“Love, Mirian is all about street fashion and girlpower. It’s about loving one’s self, encouraging others to do the same, and looking good while doing it. It’s about celebrating womanhood, women, and their contributions to fashion, culture, and more, all while also providing an inside look at my life as a West African girl with albinism living in Toronto, Canada and making my mark on the fashion industry. This is a place for things I love, made with love. Where fashion, girlpower, and my real life meet in a way that is fun, honest, insightful, and hopefully inspiring.”


As the editor of Love, Mirian I was responsible for creating and writing all the blog content. I researched topics and trends, as well as drafted, proofread, and published all content according to an ever-changing editorial calendar.


All content was produced by me including media planning, location scouting, photography (from pre- to post-production), interviews, budgeting, wardrobe, coordination, and more.