Issa Snack

Creative Direction

Fashion meets food in a digital content series made for Instagram

Services: Creative Direction, Digital Photography, Fashion Styling

Dynamic Duo

Issa Snack explores fashion and food and the ways they can inspire and influence each other in fun, artistic, and vibrant ways. In addition to the fashion-food relationship this series also plays with color, making it a unifying element through each image’s monochromatic theme.



noun: snack; plural noun: snacks
  1. a small amount of food eaten between meals.
  2. (slang) an attractive person.

For the ‘Gram

Issa Snack was shot for and published on Instagram as a digital photography series with accompanying captions that opened a dialogue and encouraged engagement among my followers.

Hello Kitty Fizzy Pop 😻

“When I was a kid I was OBSESSED with Hello Kitty. I had a Hello Kitty compact mirror I carried around everywhere. It’s no surprise that I would geek out when I discovered Hello Kitty Fizzy Pop. Have you had it before? What do you think? If you haven’t and you’re wondering, yes, it does in fact taste as good as it looks. πŸ‘…

Strawberry PockyΒ πŸ“

So let’s talk Pocky. Have you tried it? Which is your favorite flavor? Mine’s Strawberry but I think I’d love the matcha flavor if I tired it. πŸ˜›”

Haagen Dazs 🍧

“How many servings are in a pint of ice cream? Depends on how many feelings you’ve got to eat 🀣. In this case the answer was two. Whether you’re happy or sad ice cream can be the perfect complement to those emotions and that’s what makes it such a comfort food. With swirls of vanilla and chocolate ice cream and chunks of brownies and cookie dough this is easily one of my favorite flavors. What’s yours?”

Ting πŸ‹

This shot was the perfect marriage of food and fashion. The food inspo came first because I wanted something that felt uniquely Torontonian and what better than to play with my favorite Toronto slang term πŸ˜‚. When I first saw this top I knew it was the perfect match. As an artist I live for that magical moment when art comes together so seamlessly it practically makes itself.”

Lindor Truffles 🍫

“With nearly 30 different flavors from pumpkin spice to caramel and sea salt there’s pretty much a flavor for anyone’s taste. I have a big sweet tooth but these are so rich one is often enough for me. My current fave is a cookies and cream flavor called Stracciatella. What’s your favorite kind of chocolate?”

Squish Candy 🐻

“The 6th and final part of my Issa Snack series is here and I had to end it with a Canadian treasure. @squishcandy, founded in Montreal, is an artisanal candy company that makes over 100 luxe gummy flavors. The one I’m eating is called Proseco Bears and yes it really tastes like champagne!! 🍾πŸ₯‚ They’re one of my new favorite snacks and I would love to work with this brand in the future. πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ™πŸ» Would you try these?”