Creative Direction

A creative portrait series centered on intimacy, vulnerability, and togetherness is published by Vogue Italia and exhibits at a popular Toronto art gallery

Services: Creative Direction, Digital Photography, Production

Capturing Connectivity

The narrative of this portrait series was to visually depict the intimacy and vulnerability that is created between those who share a close bond.

This was represented by a male model and female model of colour photographed in studio together in a relaxed environment. The focus was on closeness, connectivity, and a natural, neutral-toned environment with rich textures and an overall monochromatic, warm aesthetic.

Creative Direction

I developed the concept and executed the visual storytelling throughout all aspects of the project ensuring a consistent narrative with each component working to support the unified theme. This includes research, moodboard creation, and art direction.

Digital Photography

I photographed this project carrying out the lighting, set up, shooting, retouching, and all other post-production to form a cohesive visual aesthetic.


I coordinated all aspects of this production from casting talent and crew, to managing studio rentals and set design, day-of coordination, fashion styling, and prop styling.

Vogue Italia

Three photographs from this series were selected by the editors of Vogue Italia to be published on their curated photography platform PhotoVogue. Here the photos are showcased with the Vogue watermarked seal of approval, selected for aligning with their discerning taste and the aesthetics of the publication.

Gallery Exhibition

“Intertwinement” made its gallery debut at Only One Gallery in Toronto, ON. I was invited to be a contributing artist at an exhibit and event called Elevate. There the work was printed, framed, and displayed in the gallery. The images below were taken at the exhibit’s opening reception.