Creative Direction

An urban-focused, out-of-home advertising campaign for food delivery service, Foodora

Client: Foodora
Services: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Copywriting

A New Look for Food Delivery

In this spec advertising campaign for food delivery service Foodora, I designed a vibrant, playful, urban-focused campaign that would meet consumers where they are and speak to them in a fun, familiar tone.

In this three part series, out-of-home campaign materials are thoughtfully designed and distributed in urban, high-traffic areas such as transit stations, bus shelters, and along populated streets. The goal of the campaign was to showcase the large variety of food options available via the app as well as highlight its core features and values such as cuisine variety, ease, on-demand delivery, and quality service.

Creative Direction

I strategized, developed, and executed this advertising campaign including the visual and written storytelling as well as consideration of the consumer for most effective distribution and placement.

Art Direction

For the campaign visuals I sought to design food-focused imagery that would entice consumers along with playful graphics to create a fun atmosphere. I did this through use of a vibrant color scheme and playfully layered patterns and shapes.


I crafted short and spunky copy that used puns, alliteration, rhyming, or other plays on words to convey memorable brand messaging that echoed the tone of the visuals.