Call It Spring

Art Direction

A digital content series of off-figure photography created to showcase Call It Spring’s Valentine’s Day 2020 collection for Instagram and other social media platforms.

Client: Call It Spring
Services: Art Direction, Digital Photography, Fashion Styling

V-Day, Your Way!

We all know the common themes associated with Valentine’s Day marketing. Red roses, teddy bears, and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. But Call It Spring is all about empowering their community to do things their way and when it came to creating spec work for the shoe brand, I sought to continue that narrative of redefining the norm.

This series redefines traditional Valentine’s Day norms by encouraging consumers to celebrate all kinds of love, especially self love, through treating themselves to something stylish and new. It seeks to excite by using highly saturated hues. By utilizing mirrors, the images showcase the products from various angles all at once for a more compelling visual. This series was created with the intent to be published on social media, specifically Instagram. Its captivating imagery and square format lend themselves to the visual platform. The series aligns with Call It Spring’s youthful, fun, and bright imagery and would easily integrate into the brand’s existing digital content on their Instagram grid.

Art Direction

I ideated and executed all creative concepts that went into shaping the visual aesthetic of this photo series. This includes choosing the pieces to showcase, selecting the environment in which to display them, and determining the best way to do so.

Digital Photography

I opted for bright, bold, cheerful studio lighting to create a well-lit environment for the products to stand out. Post-production supported this effort through amplifying the already vivid colors and making them pop further.

Fashion Styling

I utilized my skills in off-figure fashion styling and prop styling to tell the story of the consumer who would shop from this collection, identifying the key pieces she would be interested in and how she would pair them.