Beautanical Skincare


360° branding for a skincare company including brand development, product naming, graphic design, packaging design, and web identity design.

Services: Branding, Creative Direction, Design

Brand Development

There are two pillars behind mock beauty brand Beautanical Skincare: beauty and botanicals. Through this exercise I developed and implemented the brand strategy in a unified narrative throughout logo design, product development, label design, packaging design, and web identity design.

Logo Design

I designed a visually calm and harmonious logo featuring natural elements to translate the brand pillars in a whimsical way.

Product Development, Naming, and Label Design

I chose action word product names to highlight a mission-first agenda over visually-rich backgrounds.

Packaging Design

Fun, floral packaging design includes all three botanical highlighted in each individual product while creating a moment for the logo to shine.

Web Identity Design

Consumers experience the brand’s world digitally by navigating the bright, engaging web design that puts rich visuals and bold text first.