Annabelle Cosmetics


Canadian beauty brand Annabelle seeks to amplify the message behind their EDGE campaign by enlisting three entrepreneurial women to share what gives them their edge.

Client: Annabelle
Services: Storytelling, Modeling

What’s Your Edge?

At the center of Annabelle’s EDGE campaign is the question “What’s your edge?” which they posed to three entrepreneurial women including myself operating creative businesses in Toronto. In conjunction with the launch of their EDGE collection, the beauty brand teamed with us to show beauty is more than skin deep.

For this campaign I discussed my Sororum capsule collection, its origins, and the inspiration behind it. I welcomed Annabelle into my creative process and how it impacts and shapes my day-to-day life. Equally important to sharing the story of my creative journey, the other component of my campaign contributions involved sharing my growth and journey as a woman. It was important for me to connect with their audience by allowing myself to be vulnerable while also encouraging them to be bold, passionate, and confident. Annabelle’s tagline reads “Bring Your Beautiful.” It was my mission to inspire young women to believe that when you show up and you be your best self, your beauty is present and flourishing.

“I think the thing people underestimate about me most is my tenacity. When I’m passionate about something I’m very tunnel vision. I’ll try my best, I’ll persevere, I’ll push through. If I fail, I’ll come back. If the door is closed, I will come through the window. “

–Me for Annabelle Cosmetics


With the launch of this video campaign the brand heavily relied on my ability to strongly articulate my journey as a designer and a woman while expressing myself authentically in a way that related to and inspired their audience.


As a model and spokesperson, I helped to drive sales for the brand by successfully wearing and demonstrating the use of the products. I naturally delivered key product messaging while maintaining my personality and being friendly.

Girl Power

To debut the campaign, the brand published the compilation video below featuring all three women by introducing us, our stories, and the campaign’s message to their audience. The brand selected me to be the cover and opening of the video in addition to using my voice to open the dialogue. Throughout the video the brand relies heavily on my quotes to communicate their vision of empowerment and confidence. Then, they once again selected my voice to conclude the video and deliver the tagline.

“The woman that I am today has mostly been shaped by my childhood and adolescent experiences. I really want to be the person that my younger self would be proud to have become.”

–Me for Annabelle Cosmetics

Watch my full length campaign video below:

“My mornings are all about building myself up for the day and that’s what I look for in my makeup. It’s all about tapping into and expressing your self confidence…You can really play up the features that you want to play up and it will be that extra edge to make you feel good for the day.”

–Me for Annabelle Cosmetics