AfroStyle Magazine

Creative Direction

Exploring the intersection of my West African roots and Western hemisphere upbringing through a self-portrait series and written article for AfroStyle Magazine

Client: AfroStyle Magazine
Services: Creative Direction, Digital Photography, Copywriting

Bridging the Gap

Being an immigrant, I often find myself firmly sandwiched between two worlds – my birthplace and motherland that indelibly feels like home no matter the distance or time spent away, and the part of the world that I grew up in and live now which also has served as a home for me.

These two forces are always at play in my life. The idea for “Flora Gele” was born out of my desire to do a series that showed them blending harmoniously rather than being in conflict like they often may be.  I first created the visual story. Soon after I was invited to be a contributor for the 20th issue of AfroStyle Magazine, a premier online African, African-inspired, and multicultural fashion magazine covering contemporary topics such as fashion, entertainment, tourism, arts, culture and more. Through this platform I was able to provide creative context for the project and a glimpse into my perspective as an artist.

Creative Direction

Ideation, concept development, and execution of this project were all completed by me. I developed the creative direction from concept to completion telling a rich visual and written story of my background and perspective as an artist.

Digital Photography

I produced, styled, and photographed a four-part self-portrait series entitled "Flora Gele" which was picked up and published by AfroStyle Magazine for their 20th issue. For this project I managed all aspects including lighting, styling, prop sourcing, photography, and post-production.


I wrote an article on the intersection of my West African roots and Western hemisphere upbringing and how it has shaped my artistry. I also address the current climate of the fashion and art worlds and the key role young African creators play while detailing insight into my creative philosophy.

“For me, embracing my cultural identities and the communities I belong to as a central part of my work fuels me to continue to evolve while always being rooted in my authenticity.”

 —AfroStyle Magazine, Issue 20