AfroStyle Magazine

Creative Direction

Exploring the intersection of my West African roots and Western hemisphere upbringing through a self-portrait series and written article for AfroStyle Magazine

Client: AfroStyle Magazine
Services: Creative Direction, Digital Photography, Copywriting

Bridging the Gap

I was invited to be a contributor for the 20th issue of AfroStyle Magazine, a premier online African and multicultural fashion magazine. “Flora Gele” is a photo series and written article that harmoniously blends the cultures of my West African birthplace with the Western hemisphere life I live now.  Through this feature I provide creative context for the photography and a glimpse into my perspective as an artist.
“For me, embracing my cultural identities and the communities I belong to as a central part of my work fuels me to continue to evolve while always being rooted in my authenticity.”
 —AfroStyle Magazine, Issue 20