Paradise Found

“This is one of my favorite shoots!” I gushed to my partner in crime as soon as we were done capturing these images. “I know I say that every time but still!”

I love the skin-bearing sexiness of the top mixed with the oversized, boxy shape of the bottoms. I love the warmth of the setting sun over the softly crashing waves and rocks. But getting this shot was the easy part. Getting to this location? That was another story…


The Journey to Paradise

I touched on the trek we had to make several weeks ago on my Instagram but in case you missed it I’ll give you a recap:

Out here in what felt like the wilderness as the sun set. We had hiked up a steep incline. Then we carefully scaled down a very steep slope on the side of the road. A place where if you start to fall, you’ll just keep falling. All to save time and get here for this moment. While shooting on location I often think of the BTS adventures and stories that people don’t know. It’s a lot of work but I love to do it.

There’s a line in Lil Wayne’s song “Believe Me” where Drake says “We’ll take ya to the Scarborough Bluff and drop you off a cliff”. This is the place he was talking about. I’m standing at the bottom of the cliffs where rocks meet the water’s edge. It’s so vast and they’re so staggeringly tall. It feels like a completely different world. It’s crazy to imagine this is just outside of Toronto.

I don’t know what I’m going to do when it gets too cold to shoot outside. That time is soon approaching and I’ll have to get creative. For now I just want to appreciate all the scenic beauty this city has to offer.



ktz-lasenza-001 ktz-lasenza-002 ktz-lasenza-004 ktz-lasenza-005 ktz-lasenza-009 ktz-lasenza-003 ktz-lasenza-006 ktz-lasenza-008

Sports bra and mesh top by La Senza
Shorts by KTZ
Sneakers by Nike

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