On the Cover of Truly Modern Beauty Magazine’s “Love Your Body” Issue

I’m so happy and excited to share my latest cover! I’m the face of Truly Modern Beauty Magazine’s “Love Your Body” issue! This 39-page spread brings together 12 different people from various backgrounds and walks of life to share our experiences and encourage readers to see the beauty and strength in themselves, no mater who you are.

What is Truly Modern Beauty Magazine?

Truly Modern Beauty Magazine, TMB for short, is a publication by Trevor M Born M.D., a cosmetic surgeon based in Toronto. Published quarterly, the magazine is distributed to readers in both Toronto and New York City.

When I was first approached by the production to work on the project, I instantly knew I was interested. I always jump at the chance to be a part of uplifting projects such as this one and wanted to share my unique perspective.

What I love about the project is that is wasn’t about praising models or public figures whose job description includes maintaining peak physical attractiveness.  It was about enlisting normal people – a dancer, a former Olympian, a mother-daughter duo –  to talk about our relationships with our bodies.

Loving My Body

“There is no such thing as a ‘perfect body’ or a perfect anything … Any definition of ‘perfect’ should come from the person who’s living in that body and in that skin. That’s the best thing you can do for yourself, try to define your own perfect. Live your truth and don’t pay attention to any other voices that try to tell you what perfection is. If you’re happy and you’re living it and loving it, that is the perfect body and that’s all you need.”

I shared this quote in my interview along with more thoughts on beauty movements, representation, and more.

You can read my full interview along with the rest of the magazine by accessing its digital copy, available here.



Produced by Erin McCann
Photography by Miguel Jacob
Styling by Joelle Litt
Makeup by Sabrina Rinaldi
Hair by Kirsten Klontz

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