Exploring Toronto in my Nike Flyknit Workboots

The weather has been pretty crappy lately with the last traces of winter still lagging in Toronto. Going out still requires a warm coat and tough footwear that can handle the slush, salt, and snow. On a particularly warm day my partner and I headed out to do some exploring in the city. I had come across this gorgeous graffiti wall online and was determined to find where exactly it was, quietly tucked away in the west end.

Nike Style

Being a part of the Founders by Nike & FoundMissing has been a pretty awesome experience over the past several months. What I’ve loved most is that this collective actually hasn’t about shoes per se. It’s been more about community, youth in the city, and the next generation of creatives that will shape the creative landscape in Toronto.

I’ve met and reconnected with some seriously talented artists, designers, and hustlers. Being around them inspires me to keep pushing myself. Seeing the Nike Toronto community growing so much this month in celebration of Air Max Month made me feel like now was the right time to unveil this shoot I did showing off how I wear my Nikes.

At our holiday party a while back Nike blessed us with their W FL1 Flyknit Workboot and since then I was thinking of just the right way to showcase it. When I discovered this wall it instantly reminded me of the speckled, salt-and-pepper body of the workboot.

The winding, graphic, collage-like aesthetic of this wall felt like the perfect backdrop to these sneakers. I started with that idea in mind and completed the outfit with some pieces from Topshop and borrowed jeans from my guy’s closet. I always like a little dichotomy in my style so with the tomboy vibes going strong, I contrasted them with the softness of my golden curls.

I’ve lived in Toronto for years and am still discovering the many sides of this city. Wherever you live, no matter how long you’ve been there, I assure you that city has something new to show you. Get out and find it.



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