Joining Forces with Nike Canada &

The Founders: fuelled by Nike Canada and FoundMissing is focused on creating a new tonality within an empowered voice of Canadian artists – infusing the spirit of sport within their craft. Through each season, the crew will experience a journey anchored to a Nike innovation that intersects with a collision of sports, style, art and culture to start a new conversation, break boundaries and inspire the community.


Just Do It

“So what exactly would participating in this entail?” I asked David Bremang, the creator of, an online inspiration resource for men’s footwear. I don’t remember what his exact response was and I think it’s because I didn’t really get one. “Just come,” was the general sentiment expressed and so I went along with it. ‘If Nike’s involved, I’m sure it’ll be good,’ I thought to myself, nervous with anticipation. What did I just join?


It was raining on the night of September 7th when we were all set to meet. Standing on the street, I saw a familiar face appear out of the darkness. I was relieved. “Hey, Girl,” Mary Young called out to me, “Did you get the email about where we’re supposed to meet?” I hadn’t. Now I was doubly relieved she was here.

We met up with the rest of the group where we were greeted by Meghan Yuri Young, David’s creative partner in the project. She still couldn’t tell us what was in store for the evening. “Nike wants it to be a surprise,” was all she said. When the whole group was finally assembled, we headed up three flights of stairs to see what awaited us.

Secrets Revealed

I walked in first. Within moments we were all in this secret Nike studio space nestled quietly in downtown Toronto. Sneakers and sportswear carefully displayed and merchandised all around an illuminated sign reading “NIKE TECH PACK: Engineered to the exact specifications of championship athletes”.

David introduced us all to each other and then to the Nike execs present before introducing us to the new gear they had handpicked for us. Tech Fleece Jackets and Air Max Flyknit Ones.

We are 10 creative individuals selected to join David, Meghan, and Nike Canada on a new type of collaboration. Not just to influence, but to inspire. To build community. Painters. Photographers. Fashion and lifestyle entrepreneurs. Performers. Our skills, coming together, to form The Founders. Stay tuned, you don’t want to miss this.



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Photos courtesy of Sean Lawrence



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