New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016

Hey guys! I apologize for being gone for over a week now. If I told you everything I’ve been working on then you’d completely understand. From working a ton lately (including a music video for a certain pop superstar I mentioned on IG), to celebrating All-Star Weekend/Valentine’s Day in Toronto, to now finding myself in NYC for the second half of the Fall/Winter 2016 season of New York Fashion Week. This is my first time here for NYFW and I really wanted to make the most of the shows and events I was able to get access to.

I love free stuff so discovering the TRESemme Runway Studio at Spring Studios in Manhattan was perfect for me. At first I wasn’t even planning on getting anything done, I just wanted to take a look around. However, after meeting the photographer there who expressed an interest in wanting to shoot me, he convinced me to change up my ‘do. I came in with two cornrows I had hurriedly done on my way out the door and left with four neatly plaited rows expertly braided by a very friendly hairstylist named Kiki.While she worked we chatted about where each of us is from (She’s from Boston but lives in Florida now), the recent airing of this year’s Grammy Awards, and her favorite types of hairstyles to do on clients. Check out my collage below for the play-by-play pics.

The service at Spring Studios was stellar. My next experience, not so much… Again, because I like free stuff, the next day I found my way to the PRIV Triumph Hotel Takeover which was a mobile, popup beauty bar stationed at various hotels in the city where you could drop in for a makeup touch up or mini manicure. I admit I came in towards the end but the producer running it said she could still accommodate me for a new coat of polish so I went for it. What made the experience unique was how they went with a nail brand called Pretty Please and developed a special line of colors for this event, each one named after a hotel that the popup would be traveling to. I selected a soft, cotton candy pink called “Don’t Be So Iro-quois” maned after the Iroquois Hotel in midtown.

Unfortunately, the service left a lot to be desired. I was pretty disappointed that the manicurist rushed through the process so quickly and never once looked at or spoke to me. My polish wasn’t even dry yet before they were already packing up and I had to (carefully) gather my belongings and head out. Needless to say, it smudged a bit. Smh. I did appreciate them gifting me with a cute new set of tools to perform my own mini mani at home and a lipstick and nail polish combo in bold hues named “Electric Edison” after the Hotel Edison near Times Square where I visited them.

When one of my Facebook friends mentioned he had some tickets to shows but was unable to go, I quickly jumped at the chance to take them off his hands. He passed them along to me and I got the opportunity to check out several designers’ collections at the Art Hearts Fashion runway venue which was an old heritage building that used to be a synagogue.


I met some pretty cool people including the brand ambassador and photographer above who invited me to snap a picture with them. They were really sweet and I hope we stay in touch and cross paths again. The shows that I saw also had some notable attendees including Ty Tyrone, Beyoncé’s fashion stylist, and fashion bloggers and reality personalities Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson whom I sat behind for some shows.

Usually when I attend fashion shows in Toronto I’m working in a media capacity producing live social media content and shooting them with my phone so the first few shows I was in autopilot and naturally shot with my phone. Then I came to my senses and remembered I had brought my camera to shoot with for better picture quality so I switched to that and have included some of my favorite shots below which were shot with my DSLR. I used to shoot the Toronto Fashion Week shows as a media photographer in the pit so this was a little nostalgic. I was happy to sit front row for some and really get some great shots. Check out the gallery below to see the work of Walter Mendez, Stello, Bata Spasojevic, and more.

I’m still in NYC for a few more days and that’s tons of time to get into more adventures. I can’t wait to show you guys.



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