New Year, New Opportunities

I’ve been gone for several weeks. Truth is, so much happened in the last weeks of 2017 I had trouble even keeping up in my own life. But the new year is bringing a ton of new opportunities and I’m gonna start sharing them with you now.

2017 Sucked for Everyone

While catching up and recapping with friends around the New Year, if there was one consensus I found, it was that 2017 sucked for pretty much everyone. I have no idea what it was, but everyone seemed drained from the year. Everyone referred to it as a dark time. Everyone was so happy to be rid of it and trying to start anew. I was no exception.

I spent the majority of 2017 feeling trapped and depressed in an unfulfilling job and dreaming of more. I started to get scared. Terrified that if I didn’t make a drastic change, I would wake up 5 years from now in the same place, wondering how it all happened.

So I spent the majority of the year slowly reducing my hours from the job and allowing myself the space and time to compose my feelings, recharge, self-care, and dream. I worked less and less, making less and less money, but I was always saving. I packed my lunch instead of buying take out. I didn’t go out much. I didn’t go shopping. I only spent money on the absolute necessities and the rest I saved.

In late July I went to Liberia and Morocco. It was a much needed chance for rejuvenation. But when I came back to Toronto, I was still too scared to make the leap back into freelance life. So I returned to the position, but I felt myself growing more restless than ever.

By October I knew it was time. I left the job and focused on the launch of the business I had been slowly building over the course of the year, Sororum. But even that wasn’t enough. I had to dream even bigger!

So I decided I had to give my life long dream of being a fashion model one more try. I went to several meetings, I had yet another devastating false start (more on that later – maybe), and just when I was ready to give up hope for good, I finally found an agent that saw in me what I had seen in myself all along.

Fast forward to present day and my life is changing so fast I can’t even keep up! I feel inspired and purposeful, two things I haven’t felt in a long time. These next few months are going to be crazy! I can’t wait to share them with you. I can’t wait to show you what amazing blessings you can receive when you throw caution to the wind and bet on yourself.



Photography by @soulsvision

Styled by me in H&M

Makeup by @renejaidi

Hair by @jacquieeee.a

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