Music Merch Reclaims Its Place In Fashion

An eternity ago, when I was in high school, I was a punk. More like a punk/goth/anime kid. And one of the staples of my wardrobe were band tees. A friend gave me a The Starting Line tee, I picked up a My Chemical Romance tee from Hot Topic, and a few of my comrades wore this popular tee to showcase their love for The Used. The guy I crushed on had long hair down his back and one of the four shirts he wore was a Led Zeppelin tee.

Somewhere along the line I retired my music merch but more and more in the past few years I’m starting to see it make a comeback in fashion and I’m more than happy to take part.

Music + Fashion: A Love Story

Music and fashion are kindred spirits and they often dip into each others’ territory. They are my favorite loves when it comes to artistic expression and it’s fun to be able to join the two in my world.

When I first wore music merch as a fashion statement, I was mostly only familiar with it being done by rock music fans such as myself. Now, it seems as if hip hop heads are taking the trend and running with it.

The success of Kanye’s Saint Pablo Tour Merch and Drake’s Summer Sixteen Tour Merch have ushered in a new generation of music merch for fans to consume. Simultaneously, I’ve also seen many fashion lovers resurrecting old Cash Money and No Limit styles, perhaps as part of that 90’s Revival I touched on before.

It’s been pretty interesting to see retailers like Urban Outfitters get in on the trend too. While I’m sad I missed out on their “Vetements-inspired” Snoop Dogg tee, I did get a hold of this Tupac top that I liked and wanted to show it some love.

Are you into this trend? How would you wear it? Hit me up in the comments or on Instagram and let me know!





Top by Urban Outfitters
Skirt by H&M
Sneakers by Nike

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