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If you’re a young entrepreneur chasing your dreams, you have my attention. When Tyler Handley of Inkbox Tattoos hit me up asking me to model some new designs for the company, it was an instant yes. Cool designs? Check! Fun in the sun? Check! Count me in 🙂

Keep reading to learn more about the product, how it works, and our shoot day.

What are Inkbox Tattoos?

When Tyler first approached me, I hadn’t yet heard of the company. Upon visiting their site, I did some research and discovered that:

Our 100% organic tattoos give you the look and feel of a real tattoo for 2 weeks. Inkbox Tattoos work by sinking our patented formula into the top layer of your skin, which then reacts with organic compounds to change your skin’s colour dark blue/black. Our ink is safe for your skin, pain free and made from all natural ingredients.

The Application Process

After having recently tried henna for the first time, I instantly started drawing comparisons between the two since they both develop in the skin over time. While Tyler explained that the staining agent in their tattoos is similar to henna, that’s about where the similarities end. My henna application required heat, a lemon and sugar mixture, wrapping overnight, and other care during color development.

Applying Inkbox Tattoos pretty much just needed pressure, a steady grip, and a warm towel. The only part I didn’t like was peeling it off which caused a little temporary discomfort to my super sensitive skin. Other than that, they were great! Absolutely no aftercare. I couldn’t even believe how easy it was. The color developed into a dark blue stain in about a day. They lasted about 2-3 weeks on me.

The Shoot Day

Working with Tyler and the rest of the Inkbox crew was a lot of fun. We took a water taxi to The Toronto Islands and shot on location there. It was golden hour and there was a cool breeze. We worked with the creator of Flixel, a software company also based in Toronto that takes static pictures and adds an element of motion to make them pop. He helped them create some awesome “moving” pictures like this one.  Check me out in these screenshots from their web site and let me know if this is something you’d consider trying out.



inkbox 000b inkbox 000c

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