Modeling for Keniya X Label SS16

As you guys already know, I like to do a little modeling every now and then. Sometimes it’s fun to work with someone else’s vision and try to bring that to life. A few months ago local fashion designer Godfrey Mensah reached out to me through Instagram and asked if I would be interested in modeling the Spring/Summer 2016 collection for his line Keniya X Label called “Raw Hype”. I had seen his unisex garments gather attention at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week and was intrigued by the aesthetic so I said yes.

Do you guys remember when I told you about my love for t-shirt reconstruction? His line has that same kind of feel, especially in this collection. It’s like a mashup of pieces that at first you might not understand but then you get it as you soak in their coolness. Each piece is one-of-a-kind because of the upcycled, deconstructed, and then reconstructed nature of the design process. The raw edges and patchwork create a true punk feel which I love. When I came to the shoot it was all about pared-down, natural realness. I wore no makeup at all except for a little mascara and my hair was intentionally tussled into a lion’s mane. This shoot pushed me out of my usual comfort zone and that was fun for me. Check out the series below and don’t forget to visit KXL’s Instagram for more info.



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