Miami 2016 Photo Diary

They say April showers bring May flowers but so far all April has brought Toronto are last gasps of winter in the form of blizzards. These inches of snow, cold winds, and slushy streets have me reminiscing on my quick trip to Miami a few weeks ago.

I covered a bit of my trip on Instagram when I shared my experiences exploring:

the luxurious Design District with every high-end fashion retailer you can imagine from Fendi to Margiela, to Dior,

the Institute of Contemporary Art where I got a one-on-one tour of their exhibit by artist John Miller,

the breathtaking sculptural work of Damien Hirst and fine dining in South Beach, and of course

the Dash Miami storefront because basically, YOLO.

And even after all that, I still had a few more adventures I had to get into in my few days there…

Architecture and art are two things I love discovering when I travel so before I left I knew I had to visit Miami’s historical preservation of the 1920’s art deco style all along Ocean Drive and street art hotspot Wynwood Walls. I loved seeing buildings like the beautiful Breakwater Hotel in the image above and Gianni Versace‘s former home, Villa Casa Casuarina (5th pic). Then in Wynwood, I loved finally seeing the work of Retna (13th pic) and Maya Hayuk (14th pic) in person after having seen it online so many times before. These were my favorite places to visit and I hope you enjoy seeing the 305 through my eyes.



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