Meet Tyrah @ Spot 6 Management

Models are people too! It’s easy to forget that when all we see are those perfectly airbrushed faces glossy and glistening on billboards and magazine covers. Not too long ago I got an itch to shoot someone’s portrait so I spoke with a model agent from Spot 6 Management and had Tyrah come over to my space for a quick model test. That’s where I got to pick her brain and discover she’s way more than just a pretty face who has lent her look to projects for swimwear designer Andrea Iyama, beauty brand Pureology, and more. She’s a dog mom and pineapple-on-pizza advocate who could probably kick your butt at Mortal Kombat.

When asked what her favorite part about modeling is, Tyrah replied, “Every job is different…I like that I can help people with their vision ‘cuz I’m an artist [too]. If I can help someone show the world their vision then it gives me some reward too.” And what kind of art does Tyrah do? She’s a painter who also enjoys doing graphic design work in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. She hopes to one day pursue a career in graphic design with a focus in marketing.

But what’s in that iPod, girl? Last year it was Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar. Now it’s all about underground sounds courtesy of Joey Badass and The Underachievers. Bob Marley never gets old though which is saying a lot for a girl who can tire of songs easily. Despite that, Marley classics like “Stir it Up” and “Buffalo Soldier” remain favorites. She attributes this to her Jamaican heritage on her father’s side and having grown up listening to reggae.

When it comes to school she’s all about extracurricular activities. With ten years of basketball experience (ball is life) she’s earned the title of captain of her school’s team as well as ascended to the highest ranks in student body government. With such a packed schedule, how does a girl relax? Well, YouTube-ing old episodes of Maury and Jerry Springer for starters. And her guilty pleasure? Video games! While guys might tease her that she’s only playing to fit in with them, she’s actually somewhat of a pro. “Guys will challenge me and I’ll kill ‘em,” Tyrah laughed. There you have it. You’ve been warned.

It was a pleasure shooting Tyrah and getting to know her more. For more info follow her on Instagram @TyrahJWilson and check out her agency, Spot 6 Management, located in downtown Toronto. Wardrobe credits include Zara, Aritzia, and Stella McCartney.

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