Mary Katrantzou & Adidas Pt II

For part 2 of my feature on Mary Katrantzou’s collaboration with Adidas I wanted to shoot her trackpants and reversible varsity jacket. After mulling over where to shoot it I settled on a rooftop in the heart of Toronto’s West Queen West neighborhood. Almost exactly a year ago to this day Vogue named Toronto’s West Queen West neighborhood as the second coolest neighborhood in the world for their global street style report. This part of the city is where art, fashion, commerce, and coolness all intersect. It’s vibrant and always alive. What better place to shoot a set of pieces that embody all those things as well?

In order to get on this roof I climbed through a tiny window and had my mental fortitude tested in the form of hopping a barbed-wire fence. In the end it was completely worth it and I love the final results so much I’m pretty sure I’ll risk my life to go to this location again. I hope you enjoy the set and feel free to check out Part I to read more about Mary Katrantzou and the collection.

PS–I am currently exploring an obsession with VSCO so this set has been edited with VSCO filters for that extra smattering of coolness.

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