Making Room for Everyday Magic

Over and over, slowly but surely, a new concept has been forming in my mind. It is an idea about a new mindset for living and the work I create. It is a whimsical, ethereal notion about seeking (and finding) beauty in otherwise mundane, everyday places and things by the way we choose to engage with them.

A New Direction

For a while now my style has been heavily rooted in an urban, streetwear aesthetic. It dominated my fashion styling and permeated all other aspects of my creative process. It’s not that street fashion was the only style that interested me, but rather the style that I decided to form my art around.

However, for the past several months now I found myself slowly pulling away from those themes. This was due to multiple factors including lack of inspiration and also lack of access to the fashion that did inspire me. And because of this, I was producing work I wasn’t happy with or not producing work at all.

Meanwhile, my interests were growing in other areas. I was creating hair and makeup looks that I enjoyed and people gravitated to. These looks would often be vibrant, playful, airy, and somewhat otherworldly. They seemed to have one foot in reality and one foot in fantasy. Doing these looks made me feel lighter and happier and I wanted to explore this more.

Thus, the concept of everyday magic emerged in my head. What if we don’t have to go far, to an exotic or luxurious place, to be surrounded by beauty and fun? What if we elevated the everyday to a state of magic? This emerged as the guiding principle for the new direction of my work.

The world needs more fun. And often it starts with how we feel. And often that starts with how we dress. Why not wear jewelry charms and rainbow thread in our hair? Why not paint our nails and adorn them with decals, just to grab a messy cheeseburger? Is it extra AF? Yes! But that’s the point.

It feels like both a breath of fresh air and a sigh of relief to be going down this new path that effortlessly mixes high end and low brow in a glamorous way that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I want to take conflicting ideas and blend them together seamlessly in a way that feels larger than life, playfully disrupting the norm.

I hope it inspires people to ask themselves how they can introduce a bit of everyday magic into their lives, whether that means trying a new lip color or wearing a style they always thought was too daring. Or maybe it will just make people smile to see my living my best life. Whatever the outcome, I just want to pass the good vibes on any way I can.



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