Lust for Life

Have you ever met someone who, upon just knowing them a few moments, you knew was incredibly special? Some people just have a little extra sunshine in them. This is the story of how I met an angel at the Starbucks drive-through.


“We’re not serving breakfast anymore,” called a flat voice through the intercom. The driver of the car looked over at me in the passenger’s seat as we sat parked in the ordering lane of the McDonald’s drive-through. It was about 11:00am and I was surprised to hear breakfast was over already.

“Do you want anything here?” the driver asked and I contemplated whether I wanted to pollute my body with what was on the lunch menu. I squirmed. “Maybe Tim Horton’s?” I said, not even confident in my own suggestion. As we pulled out and headed back on the road, she asked “How about Starbucks?” “Yes,” I said, “let’s go there.”

From the moment we pulled up, I knew this experience was going to be different. Out from the intercom poured a jovial, youthful male voice. Rather than just doing the bare minimum required of him, he engaged us. We playfully bantered back and forth.

Did they have a Roasted Tomato & Mozzarella Panini? “Well I don’t know,” he joked, “I’ll have to go to the back and check…Oh, you want two? Wow, I’m not sure,” he laughed. Then a pause, and a moment later he returned. “You’re in luck!” he quipped, announcing he had found our request while moving on to take our drink orders.

He had us giggling the whole time. ‘Who was this person who could find such joy and fun in the most basic and monotonous of jobs?’ I wondered. And then not only find it, but share it with everyone he encountered? His vibrancy in the dullest of places made my mind race.

When we pulled up to the receiving window, we saw him. “Were you the one that took our order?” the driver asked. His coworkers chimed in first. “He always makes us laugh!” they called out, “he’s great.”

After she had paid for our food, the driver placed more money in his hand. “A tip,” she smiled, “please take it.” Reluctantly, he did. ‘He’s going to be really successful in life,’ I thought to myself as we pulled away.

A week later and I’m still thinking about him. His lust for life. His zest. I admire people from whom happiness flows easily and in abundance. He really inspired me.

This outfit and photo set is just what I’m talking about. My movement, the way the pieces dance. It was all about getting lost in the moment. Taking something simple and injecting a little poetry into it.

Do you know anyone like my Starbucks server? Are you that kind of person? Tell me more in the comments below 🙂




Jacket and pants by Zara
Top by Missguided


  • Ebbie Style says:

    I feel like I always get good customer service at Chick Fil A. They are always so nice and polite. Definitely makes the experience a lot better.

  • I used to be like the Starbucks server guy. Back when I was a flight attendant, boarding was aways my least favorite thing. Many times just the fact that watching passengers being inconsiderate to others or rude or asking for things in the most inopportune time…well it made me wanna be invisible. But, there I was, center of the aircraft, in the emergency window seating guiding passengers to there seats with a smile on my face and a slight bounce in my step….after all I had a cute uniform on. Other flight attendants would ask me how I can be so happy or calm when a bully guy wants a rye and ginger at 6:30am while we r still boarding? I tell them ” I just wanted to pour a whole bottle down his throat cuz he was so rude to me..” my collegues then say ” wow cudnt even tell u were bothered!” True story ?

    • lovemirian says:

      LOL! Being a flight attendant must have been a really interesting job. I can’t imagine how many of these work stories you probably have. That’s awesome how you were able to always stay calm no matter who you were dealing with. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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