Long Live Atelier New Regime

As soon as my ticket was booked to Montreal I instantly started thinking about what emerging labels based there I wanted to shoot with. The first one that came to mind was Atelier New Regime. Modern. Street. Well-designed. Socially aware. In my mind, this collaboration was a long time coming…


I first met Setiz Taheri, one of the creative minds behind Atelier New Regime, about three or so years ago. A hip downtown men’s fashion retailer and coffee bar named Community 54 was holding an event one night featuring some of their pieces along with those of other brands and I decided to stop by.

At that time I was working on a thesis project centering around men’s streetwear, an industry I was relatively new to, and I was jumping in head first. I was a little familiar with the brand at the time and wanted to learn more. When I met Setiz, I instantly gravitated to his calm, friendly aura. He oozed coolness, much like ANR. He, I, and a group of other party goers chatted throughout the night and when I left I knew I wanted to work with Atelier New Regime in some capacity, I just didn’t know how.

Following the brand over the last few years I’ve watched it grow immensely through well-executed collections and even the opening of a flagship store. Fast forward to modern day. When it was confirmed I’d be in Montreal for a whirlwind weekend, I knew that was my opportunity. I reached out to Setiz and he graciously made it happen with the help of Koku, another creative thinker behind the label.

While the brand is technically menswear, I’ve been dabbling in wearing men’s clothes for years now and I find their pieces very wearable for women too. This lookbook was shot on location in Montreal’s Mont Royal neighborhood featuring their We Learn All Our Gang Shit From The Government Bomber Jacket, Hood Rich Shirt, and ANR Boxing Shorts.

Click here to see more of their products and to keep up with the brand, follow them on Instagram @AtelierNewRegime.




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