Let’s Go To The EX

I’ve been living in Toronto for about five or so years now and still had never made it to the Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto’s yearly end-of-summer carnival that childhood memories are made of. Luckily, I had a seasoned tour guide to immerse me in all the greatness the CNE has to offer. I sampled fine cuisine such as kangaroo meat sausage that kind of made me shudder a little bit and Oreos deep fried in red velvet batter with vanilla icing drizzled on top that made me want to consider a juice cleanse.

I also had the pleasure of partaking in lightweight gambling, carnival games resulting in a few prizes for me, and rides including the Big Swing shot you see here. He took out his iPhone and started snapping photos and shooting video of my in-air antics. I thought he was crazy and prayed he wouldn’t drop his phone.

Basically, the best day ever.

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