Lemon Drop: Injecting Neon into Your Look

What excites you? For me that’s many things. Fashion of course, music, art, history, photography, my long term love affair with the Internet. Flaming hot Cheetos, the Love and Hip Hop franchise (Shenellica Bettencourt is my spirit animal), Tumblr, Skittles (all flavors, I ain’t got no type).

What drives you? For me it’s the desire to make an impact. Connect with people. Empower people. Leave a legacy. Be a unique voice that represents myself and others like me. Wanting more than a “normal” life with a “regular” job. The desire to make a little noise and shake things up on a big scale.

That’s what this blog is all about and as it steps into its second month I’m still constantly brainstorming ways to grow and develop it. Ways to share more of myself and my world in a meaningful and not-so-meaningful way. Ways to take dope pics of course, which leads me to introduce this outfit series.There’s this little park in Toronto, quietly nestled downtown on the east side. It’s known for its cool art and architecture. I’ve known for a while that it would be a perfect backdrop for a shoot but after finding just the right looks I decided to do a three part series here of which this is the first installment.

As its name suggests, “Lemon Drop” is all about a splash of citrus flavor. In this case that punch of color comes from this bold neon sweater by Polo Ralph Lauren and matching pumps by Material Girl. As a contrast to the burst of brightness I paired them with this super luxe and bad ass leather jacket by IRO and a fitted pencil skirt by Le Chateau. I always like to juxtapose different elements in my looks: bold color, tough texture, a feminine silhouette. I love when I find that right balance and it all works out. I hope this look inspires you guys to try mixing some different styles in your looks too and I’ll see you soon for Part 2 🙂



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