Photographer Nilly and I Lead a Nike Toronto x FMFounders Experience

It’s been a while since I wrote about what’s been up with my participation in Nike Toronto’s community-building creative initiative FMFounders. So much has happened within this family of artists, designers, and creatives. I can’t share some things just yet but I’m happy to be able to share this. Recently Nike enlisted dear friend and photographer Nilly and I to spearhead an experience for all the others based on our skills in visual media. Keep reading to see tons of pics and see more about our photo session / family reunion.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Nilly and I arrived early to AstroLab Studios to get a feel for the day’s environment and get comfortable before everyone else arrived. When I arrived Nilly was already there, setting up and testing lights. There were two stations, one setup with bright, white lights and another setup with warm and cool colored tones achieved through using gel filters.

The set grew livelier as the rest of the Founders slowly poured in. Before now, it had been a while since we had all been together and it was so nice to catch up with everyone again.

When we were all settled we got a chance to meet the owners of AstroLab, Adam and Jeff. They were joined by a director they work with named Raha and the three formed a speaking panel discussing film, sport, and art.

After the panel, the shoot began. This shoot was all about celebrating the Cortez, an iconic Nike shoe that has been re-imagined in different ways over time to always keep it fresh and current.

I worked as fashion stylist and director to cater the Cortez to each Founders personal style and facilitate great images as skillfully captured by Nilly’s lens. We did individual shots and group shots, all the while making everyone look and feel their best.

It felt really nice to be able to create and share this experience. While I can’t yet say what the images will be used for, check out some previews below and when the final images are out, I’ll be sure to share them here 🙂



Photography by Sean Lawrence





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