Launching Global Fashion Brand Uniqlo in Canada

GUESS WHAT GUYS!? I got chosen to help launch global fashion brand Uniqlo‘s expansion into Canada! Catch me standing with a crew of cool kids in front of Toronto landmarks in this city-wide campaign. You wouldn’t even believe the crazy fate that lead me here. I’m just honored and blessed to be able to welcome this awesome brand to Canada. Keep reading to see the story of how I landed this amazing opportunity.

Right Girl, Right Place, Right Time

“Yes, I’d love to!” I responded to a request to assist UK stylist Davey Sutton. Known for his extensive work with Italian label Diesel, he and his assistant Josh were brought in by Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo to work on the autumn 2016 campaign for their Canadian launch. Having seen Uniqlo stores on my trips to NYC, I was familiar with their clothes and excited to be helping in the wardrobe department.

For the Canadian launch Uniqlo decided to gather a cool and diverse group of Torontonians to show how versatile and wearable their clothes are. I arrived on set in the wardrobe department ready to start a hectic 2 days of fittings  and 2 days of shooting. But soon fate seemed to take me in another direction.

Davey looked at me and had other plans for me. The producers agreed with him. The Japanese clients saw me and it was decided. They all liked my look, style, and personality. Faster than I could even wrap my head around, I was moving from the wardrobe department to the talent department. My head was spinning. I was so thrilled! I finished up the fittings with Davey and Josh and then took my place in front of the camera.

Welcome, Uniqlo!


With the first store opening at the end of the month, the campaign has now begun to unfold. Huge billboards are going up and events are starting to be advertised like the one above taking place at The Drake General Store. We’re even on the main page of Uniqlo’s Canadian site with the full campaign called “Uncommon Thread”.

I’m just floored and thankful to have been invited to be a part of such a cool opportunity. I can’t help but think about how this blog is nearing its one year anniversary and I’m just so humbled at how much both it and I have grown in this time. Keep riding with me guys, there’s way more is to come 🙂

EDIT: See the rest of the campaign below!!!WhiteShirt_main Jeans_main Flannel_main Cashmere_main Merino_main




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