Keepin’ it Real

I love you guys a lot and as part of this special lil connection we’re building I promise to always keep it real with you guys and that includes admitting when I’m struggling a little. As some of you may have noticed I usually try to post about every 5 days or so and if I go much beyond that it probably means that I’m out here floundering, LOL. #Help

Honestly my extended absence is mostly due to not being satisfied with some content I’ve been working on lately. I try to always be as good as my best work because I think you guys deserve that and these last few shoots I posted really set the bar for me.

I’ve worked on some shoots recently but they just weren’t doing it for me. Just an hour ago I wiped an entire shoot off my memory card because I decided it wasn’t good enough. I’ve pulled a bunch of pieces and returned them without using them. I’m not here to just spew content at you guys. I want to give you my best and I hope you can see that.

So with that being said please enjoy this oldie but goodie I shot back in the beginning of the year when this blog was just an idea. I loved this Stutterheim raincoat so much and was so happy to have it. I was super flattered when Alexander Stutterheim, the company’s founder, posted it on his Instagram back when I first shared this set.

And when I come back with my next post you’ll see what I mean about keeping it all top quality over here. I recently sat down with a super cool #GIRLBOSS who you are gonna love. Your inspiration fix will definitely be satisfied. Lives will be gotten and wigs will be snatched. Slayage delivered. Head over to my Instagram if you don’t wanna wait and you need a sneak peek.




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