Introducing Sororum: Global Style Curator

For some time now I’ve been alluding to a new project I was working on and I’m so happy to give you all your first taste. Meet Sororum, my new e-commerce womenswear platform blending fashion, travel, and one-of-a-kind style.

Meaning “sisters” in Latin, Sororum is a destination shopping experience focused on creating a sisterhood of style built for and by global, adventurous, style-conscious women.

Global Style Curator

This January when I went to Lagos, Nigeria, I didn’t come back the same. I came back hungry. I felt restless. I returned energized by a new cultural experience and the desire to share it with others.

I wanted to either go back or go somewhere new that would awaken that part of me again. What made me feel better was having the souvenirs I brought back and the memories of how I got them. I thought of the clothes I had made. I mused over the experience of having something specially made for me by hand, a one of a kind piece that no one else would have. It made me feel special and I wanted to know how I could share those same feelings with others.

Sororum is for Sisters

Sororum seeks to unite women from various backgrounds who share the same values when it comes to wanting unique shopping experiences with one of a kind pieces, recognizing the importance of knowing where your products come from, and believing brands should offer more than just what’s in stock.

Launching in later this month, Sororum will offer unique clothing, jewelry, and accessories sourced through my travels. Embossed leather from Liberia and butter soft suede from Morocco are just some of the special pieces coming soon. I went to the markets and picked out beautiful jewelry and bags I thought you’d love, just for you.

In preparation for the trip, I designed 5 signature daywear styles with you in mind, then I went to the market and found the most gorgeous textiles to bring my vision to life. This is handcrafted, artisanal, slow fashion at its finest. Each time you wear one of these pieces, you will be reminded of its story and transported to its origins.

When I returned to Toronto from my trip, I got the chance to collaborate with celebrity hair and makeup artist Roger Medina and the first thing I wanted to do was give Sororum a platform to shine. Luckily my pieces connected perfectly with his creative vision. We got together to shoot the fashion film below which includes styles that will be available for purchase.

I hope those visuals wet your appetite for a new kind of fashion experience. Follow @ShopSororum to see more of what will be available soon and be sure to also visit Roger on Instagram.




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