Introducing Nordstrom’s First Canada-Wide Campaign

I’m in Nordstrom’s first Canada-wide campaign! Titled “True Nord“, the name is a play on words combining “True North”, a phrase from the Canadian national anthem and the word nord meaning “north” in French, to incorporate the second national language of Canada. I was one of 13 lucky individuals Nordstrom chose to help tell the story of Canada’s beauty, diversity, and all-around awesome-ness.

Nordstrom Takes Canada

Nordstrom has been in Canada sine 2014. Now four years later with a few locations firmly in their respective markets the retailer decided it was the right time to launch their first national campaign. This Canada-wide campaign will run from YYZ (Toronto) to YYC (Vancouver) and everywhere in between.

Nordstrom gathered 13 unique Canadians of different ages, races, sizes, and cultures to tell their story. It features a child, a mature woman, a Sihk man, a plus size woman, and a lesbian couple together with a variety of straight size fashion models.

The campaign was shot in and around Toronto. It will appear in digital ads, billboards, transit shelters, social media, and

In addition to the still images, I was also interviewed by Nordstrom too. You can read the profile on their web site here. In our chat we discussed my work as a blogger and stylist, my personal style, and some of my favorite style icons.

True Nord Makes Its Debut

Since its launch on August 27th the campaign has already generated a large buzz online. It has been covered by Fashion Magazine, Canadian Living, Strategy, and Business Insider among many more.

To celebrate the launch, Nordstrom held an event the evening of August 27th which I was very happy to attend. I posed near a poster in the above photograph. You can see more event photos below.

If you recall, this isn’t my first time working with a major retailer on their debut campaign in Canada. Just two years ago I helped welcome Uniqlo to Canada too. Working with Nordstrom reminded me of that experience. I feel so happy and grateful to help amazing fashion brands share their messages.



Photo courtesy of Nordstrom Toronto

Event outfit:
Shirt by Madewell
Pants by I.AM.GIA
Shoes by Leith
Bag by Chelsea28
Earrings by Jenny Bird
*All available at Nordstrom Canada

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