Into the Woods

Not all who wander are lost…

Spring has been slow to arrive in Toronto. Winter came late and didn’t want to leave. When the snow finally melted, the cold still lingered. I waited for the cherry blossoms and they never came. All I saw around me was dry, chilled dirt.

It was around 6:00pm in the evening. My partner came by and I asked if we could go for a walk. When I was child, living in Michigan, I used to love going for solitary walks in my neighborhood. “Let’s go on an adventure,” I said.


We decided to walk westward, with no destination in mind. Up the sidewalk and into the setting sun. Past a playground. Past kite-flying children. Past a quiet baseball field.

We saw a path. We took it up. We found a place that felt like another world. Instantly I fell in love. The way the trees hung low. Discarded evidence of previous human presence. Dark serenity. There’s a restlessness within me that is temporarily soothed by always exploring.

Do you wander? Where do you go? How does it make you feel?




Jacket by Phillip Lim
Dress by Aritzia
Boots by Timberland


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