Celebrating International Women’s Day with Nike Toronto

When I first saw the Air Jordan Season of Her collection I was instantly taken aback. The dreamy colorways. The lush texture. The fact that it is an exclusively women’s release. Just in time for Women’s History Month, I got my hands on a pair of these sneakers that aren’t just shoes but also a sign of changing times.

Women & Sportswear

I’ve always had a tomboy side to me. I was in high school when I first started looking in the men’s department for items I could incorporate into my wardrobe. I may have never played on any sports teams but I still found myself drawn to sport culture.

I remember being younger and standing in the sneaker aisle of shoe stores, disappointed by the selection. Women’s sneakers never seemed to stack up to the men’s. They seemed flimsy or designed as an afterthought. The colorways felt lacking or overly feminine, as if to compensate for being a sneaker in the first place.

Air Jordan has long been a prestigious, sought after brand in the sneaker world. And when I discovered they had a new collection only being released in women’s sizes, for the ladies, it felt special. For once, I heard guys say “I wish they made those for men.” They aren’t covered in flowers or frills, they’re street, covet-worthy among both sexes, and hold their own in the Jordan catalog. #Equality.

I got the same feeling I did when I first heard about the Nike Pro Hijab. Once again, here was a male-dominated brand considering the needs and wants of its female customers and catering to the demographic. Women spoke up, and Nike said “We hear you.”

Isn’t that what Women’s History Month, and International Women’s Day especially, is all about? Using our voices to speak up. Acknowledging our contributions, importance, and relevance in sports, entertainment, politics, science, and everything in between.

A women’s only sneaker may not be the thing that changes the world but it is a positive step in an otherwise male-focused world. Who knows what could be coming next? Maybe more financial support for female entrepreneurs. Maybe more mentoring for women interested in STEM. Maybe equal representation in government. If we keep demanding change, change will be inevitable. First in small ways, then in bigger ones.



Sports bra, leggings, and sneakers by Nike

Jacket by Proenza Schouler

Hoodie and Necklace by H&M


  • J Renée says:

    Love the pictures Mirian! This is sooo my chill style. I also used to shop in the men’s department. I loved men’s baseball and basketball jerseys. Loved men’s Fubu, Akademiks and Nike jackets lol and I loved Jordan’s! I had one pair of men’s Jordan’s that I wore for playing basketball. I did have the women’s Jordan’s that were Carolina blue and baby pink, those were supposed to be “girly” I guess. I was excited to get them at the time because they were the women’s size but I didn’t think about the fact it only came in one color and had to be pink. Hmmmm And I had the women’s Team Jordan’s that were white and gold. Not the same as the Jordan’s though but I got them because they were in women’s sizes. I will have to check these new ones out!

    • lovemirian says:

      Thank you! Glad you like the pics. I had a fun time styling this shoot. It sounds like our styles are similar. This is my first pair of Jordans and I think they’re pretty dope. I have the sun blush colorway but there’s so many other nice ones too. You should definitely check them out 🙂

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