I’m Beyond Fashion Magazine’s December 2018 Cover Star

What better way to bring 2018 to a close than with another magazine cover!!! I was beyond excited when Beyond Fashion Magazine asked me to be their December cover star. This is my second magazine cover this year and my third overall. The wardrobe was amazing and the interview was one of my best yet.

A Winter Wonderland by Beyond Fashion Magazine

The fashion and beauty direction for this shoot were all about celebrating winter and creating ice queen extravagance. The makeup was punctuated by a cobalt blue glitter lip accessorized with metallic shades on my eyes.

The wardrobe was all about winter staples mixed with aspirational pieces. Fur, sequins, and chunky knitwear played a starring role in the looks. However, it was a beautiful, full length gown with a daring slit that would become the star outfit.

23 Questions with Beyond Fashion Magazine

What I loved even more than playing dress up for such a fabulous shoot was the insightful, thought-provoking interview. I’ve been blessed to share my views in many interviews over the years. And I always enjoy when an interviewer asks me something I haven’t been asked before. In addition to my work in modelling and blogging, I also got to talk about other topics close to my heart.

“How can we empower women and teach them to love themselves the way they are?” they asked, My answer:

Cultivating self-love and empowering women is a three-part process. The first part comes by celebrating different kinds of beauty and body acceptance so that they can embrace themselves and don’t have to feel like they must fit into very narrow standards of physical beauty. The second part is to reinforce the notion that beauty is not solely rooted in the physical body but dependent on character and the person you are inside. The third part involves going beyond the concept of beauty by acknowledging there are other important things a woman should aspire to such as being intelligent or self-reliant. When you’re able to master those things, loving yourself and being empowered come naturally.

Please click the link here to read my full interview and visit BeyondFashionMagazine.com to read more articles. This year has been quite a ride and I look forward to connecting again in the new year to share more growth, experiences, and love.



Editor in Chief: Margarita Kadochnikova
Photography: Margarita Menard
Makeup and Hair: Veronika Polianska
Styled by Bianca Brown
Location: The Atrium at Queen Richmond Centre West

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