Happy Birthday To Me!

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Let’s party!


Another Year Older

It feels good to be getting older. I feel like I’m coming into my own more, finding my independence, and figuring out exactly what I want out of life. Birthdays always make me look back on my life, reflecting on where I’ve been. Being in my mid-twenties now I’m carving out my life how I want it to be and I’m so excited to watch it unfold.  I’ve learned so much as I get older and I hope to continue to pass on my worldview and lessons through these blogs posts and other projects I work on.

Shooting Myself

For part of my birthday celebration I wanted to drop this photoset which I produced all by myself. I started by picking out my look and doing my hair. Then I slayed my face just right. I struggled with the paper roll to get it hung. I remember having a hard time with the lighting. After some back and forth, I finally got it right. I got dressed and set up the camera and then shot it myself. Finally, I selected the shot and edited them over and over and over until all of them were pleasing to my eyes. It felt good to do it all myself and see my hard work unfold. To see all the different hats I can wear and the fruit of my labor.

I’m sitting here now at my desk, hurriedly posting this so I can get on to my other birthday festivities. Bubble tea, fun outside, and surprises I’m not even aware of yet. Today I’m surrounding myself with dear friends that make me feel special and loved. There’s nothing else I could ask for on this day.



hbd-to-me-002 hbd-to-me-004 hbd-to-me-003 hbd-to-me-005 hbd-to-me-009 hbd-to-me-001 hbd-to-me-008 hbd-to-me-010 hbd-to-me-007

Jacket by H&M
Blouse by Equipment
Shorts by BDG
Shoes by Opening Ceremony
Tattoos by Inkbox


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